Stu’s Show Background & Predictions

March 22, 2011

Tomorrow will be an event that I will be covering using my blog as the one place you can see a roundup of everything that is discussed (and not just the DVD news!) for the very first time.  I believe that I have spoken in the past about how much I really enjoy the Internet radio station Shokus Internet Radio, which is a radio station mainly aimed at baby boomers, but sometimes will have topics that interest me, the old soul that I am (because though I will be turning 25 this Friday, I have interests in classic cartoons and old game shows that seriously carbon date me, though everyone else seems to have the same interests).

And I have not spoken very much of Stu’s Show, and I am very remorseful that I haven’t mentioned it sooner, because it’s one of the best Internet radio shows out there right now, and it’s been about 4-5 years running now, and the format is essentially the same every week: Some incredibly interesting (or not, depends on the week really) Hollywood guest comes on the show to talk about any or all of these things, depending upon the guests in question: 1) The television industry, classic, modern, or both; 2) the movie industry, classic, modern, or both; or 3) the animation industry, whether it be classic, modern, 0r b0th.

This week’s guest is Jerry Beck, DVD supervisor extraordinaire and world-renowned cartoon expert, whom Stu Shostak, the host of Stu’s Show, has dubbed “The King of All Things Cartoons”, which he really is!  This time, it’s his first 2011 appearance, and the last time he was on the show, Jerry mentioned some major DVD news *might* be coming down the pike with this appearance.

Which is why, the week of my birthday, I am planning to blow things sky-high in terms of how I cover this event.  I’ve been live-tweeting the event before at my Twitter page (, but never have I done it quite like this.  This time, I’ve come up with a new name for what I’m doing, as well as a new hashtag to signify my live coverage of Jerry Beck’s appearances on Stu’s Show.

The new name (and resulting hashtag) I’m calling the Live Tweety (#LiveTweety).  Why this name?  Well, #1, it’s a spectacularly awful Looney Tunes pun, and #2, it meshes perfectly with the whole cartoon theme of the shows when Jerry Beck is on.  The other thing that I will do to cover this event is to create a nice write-up on here that rounds up all the topics that are covered on the show, and with my thoughts on the matter with my unique perspective as a cartoon fanatic.  I will be doing this for all the international members on the Golden Age Cartoons (or GAC for short) Forums who cannot stay up for the entirety of Stu’s Show in their home countries due to time zone differences.

So, with all this background, I have a few predictions, because any Apple blogger worth his or her salt understands the inevitable prediction posts before Apple’s events, usually filled with bizarro crackpot theories.  This time, however, I’m doing a prediction post before the next appearance by Jerry Beck on Stu’s Show.  There are a few candidates for Most Likely To Be Released, but I will basically put every one of the below predictions in the following categories: Warner Home Video, Disney, Shout! Factory, and Everyone Else.

Warner Home Video:

  • The Censored Eleven.  It’s been teased out, mentioned forever and a day, and we’ll finally see a release this year, and it WILL be a mainstream release, censorship issues notwithstanding.
  • Looney Tunes on Blu-Ray.  It’s about time, for one.  However, I am going to go out on a very creaky and unstable limb here and say that the Looney Tunes on Blu-Ray discs WILL be collector-centered, and I have a reason why.  I believe that each of the 6 previous Looney Tunes Golden Collections will each be re-released on a single Blu-Ray Disc (as opposed to four standard-definition DVDs), and Warner Brothers will pull what Disney has been pulling for the last few Blu-Ray releases (i.e. Pinocchio and Bambi) and create an incredibly unique experience for watching these old Looney Tunes cartoons that nobody, not even an old-school movie theater, is going to even be able to THINK of matching.  The LT LiveView technology will be a unique experience that will evoke many different memories, and show just how each generation grew up on these same cartoons, from the original generation who grew up watching these cartoons in a movie theatre, to the next generation who grew up watching these very same cartoons on an old black-&-white television, to the next generation that watched these cartoons in color, and then the generation that (like me) watched the Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon and then on Cartoon Network (before CN decided that LT wasn’t a good idea to be promoting ahead of their new “Cartoon Cartoons”).  The LiveView experience will evoke all of these experiences and more, and that is my guess as to how Looney Tunes will finally be put onto Blu-Ray.
  • Tex Avery.  Another DVD/Blu-Ray boxed set that has been an oh so very long time coming, the only official boxed set of his cartoons released in his home country, the United States of America, thus far has been the much-maligned Tex Avery’s Droopy: The Complete Collection DVD boxed set released a number of years ago, and is among my very favorite boxed sets ever.  Even with the odd issues that set had, I loved it, but then again, I am quite biased towards my main man Droopy.  I loved watching Droopy and Dripple on Tom & Jerry Kids, I even loved watching the old Droopy cartoons whenever they came on the TV machine, and I loved Droopy so much that I even put him in my first ever Gmail address as a tribute.  My first email address I ever made in Gmail was BJDroopyWanlund, so you can understand my excitement at the Droopy boxed set being announced, and I’m still waiting for the Tex boxed set, even all these many years later.  Heck, I’d even double-dip the Droopys to have a Complete Tex Avery set that covered BOTH his Warner Brothers AND his MGM stints, but I’m completely nuts in that regard.
  • This one should be quite obvious to those who follow the GAC Forums, as I mentioned above.  We will be getting a status update on another much-maligned release, Looney Tunes Super Stars: Road-Runner and Wile E. Coyote – Supergenius Hijinks.  It was SUPPOSED to come out in May (May 24, to be exact), but WHV for whatever reason delayed the release of this till the fall.  I’m personally guessing they still had some idea that they could save this turkey of a release by putting Zip-N-Snort in instead of a Larriva Road Runner cartoon, which are MUCH hated amongst LT fanatics.  My other guess is that they cancelled the release, given the advent of what I mentioned above.
  • My final Warner Home Video prediction is straight from the nuthouse: A rerelease, at long last, of the Golden Age of Looney Tunes laserdisc collections so that the people still clinging to their laserdiscs can now watch these same collections on their computer or whatever.


  • Given Disney’s propensity for not letting Jerry Beck do much of anything for them, I don’t have much hope of seeing any release news from them, but I do have a few releases I’m hoping for particularly:
  • 1.  A new series of Walt Disney Treasures releases with Leonard Maltin‘s expert guidance.
  • 2.  A release of Song of the South on DVD at long last (maybe we should’ve gotten Julia Sugarbaker to talk them into it?)
  • 3.  A rerelease of the Saludos Amigos-Three Caballeros laserdisc with ALL of its bonus features intact (subsequent rereleases haven’t had every single feature from the laserdisc release, more like one or two at the most)

Shout! Factory:

  • More cartoon DVDs, that much is for sure!
  • Possibly we could get a cartoon DVD from the humble host of the program, Stu Shostak himself.  If you’ve seen the promo Shout! Factory did for the Dennis The Menace live-action series DVD, you will notice that the clips shown on the promo are absolutely pristine-looking!  They look eerily like they could have been made in today’s day and time, with the black-&-white (which was a technical limitation in the days when this series was on the air) as more of a stylistic choice than a technical limitation.

Everyone Else:

  • Again not expecting too much, maybe news of a new Thunderbean Animation release, and maybe news of more import that I might not be thinking of, but this is not one where I will be making many predictions.