Birthday Thoughts & Updates

Today is finally here!  It’s my 25th birthday today, the 25th of March, 2011.  25 doesn’t feel all that different than 24, and hopefully  successive birthdays will feel about the same way.

Also, you might notice that I took the donation page down. Long story short is that I got notified of some things on that page that did not come out the way that I had intended, so for that I am very sorry and will endeavour to wait to talk about such things as site operations, et al. until they have been more fully vetted.

One thing that, while it hasn’t come up for much, warrants discussion.  I do not intend for things to come out sounding ugly and/or vindictive, and if they do, then I’m sorry.  However, I’d much rather be honest with what I say any day of the week, including my birthday.  I’m still going to stick to my personal policy of no corrections UNLESS I’ve made a severe factual boo-boo, which doesn’t happen all that often, especially since I don’t report news much at all.

I will say things that may come out negative or vindictive or that may sound ugly, but I assure you that I don’t normally do that, and usually the party on the receiving end of my blog posts criticizing them very much deserve it.

Case in point,  They had the stones to charge $30 for those who would want both At Bat 2011 apps for iPhone AND for iPad.  That is really distasteful, and my hope is that will at least see the light if nothing else.  There really is no excuse for that kind of tomfoolery (except money talks), and I definitely won’t be buying both apps, and I probably won’t buy any of the apps, and will wait till after the season is over and the At Bat 11 apps are both free, to send a loud and clear message to that double-charging your iOS users is absolutely out of the question. Only $10 or less apps can get away with that, but please, don’t charge $15 per app twice.  Not cool at all.


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