Stu’s Show Wrap-Up for Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes folks, tonight’s appearance on Stu’s Show by Jerry Beck is over.  But don’t despair, if you want to listen after the fact, it’ll be available on as a free download after a couple of weeks.  However, if you want all the news and discussions summarized, you’ve come to the right place.

Discussion OTHER Than DVDs:

  • Jerry Beck ASIFA-Hollywood vice presidency
  • Cartoon Dump on Monday for the LA area
  • The late Elizabeth Taylor’s animation connections
    • Maggie’s first word on The Simpsons
  • Animated movie discussion
    • Mars Needs Moms (bomb)
      • both Jerry & Stu thanked the maker for Disney pulling the plug on the planned Yellow Submarine remake as a result
    • Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
      • Jerry saw it, Stu has never been a fan of Burton
    • What’s coming out this year:
      • Stu goes on an anti-CGI rant
      • Kung Fu Panda 2
      • Cars 2
      • Puss ‘n Boots
      • Hoodwinked 2
      • Happy Feet 2
      • Smurfs
      • Alvin 3
      • Hong Kong Phooey
      • Jonny Quest
      • Rango
      • Rio
      • Winnie-the-Pooh
    • Rango
      • Jerry is meh on it, especially when it becomes a Western parody
    • Gnomeo & Juliet
    • Yogi Bear discussion
      • Jerry called the film a “baby film”
  • “Looney Tunes Show” discussion (includes other Looney Tunes TV shows)
    • Disappointment (oh boy)
    • “Nobody at Cartoon Network cares” re remastered LT DVD prints being on Cartoon Network
  • Rumors and Innuendos
    • Yogi Bear 2?
      • Still a rumour
    • Huckleberry Hound?
      • Still a rumour
    • Bugs Bunny CGI film?
      • Still a rumour
      • Picket signs would be a possibility
    • CGI Top Cat feature?
      • Holy crap, there’s going to be a new HAND DRAWN Top Cat feature coming out in Mexico, and translated into English too, wonderful!
  • AntennaTV & Totally Tooned In discussion
    • Jerry Beck was involved with Totally Tooned In back in 1999
    • Totally Tooned In NEVER aired in the USA before AntennaTV picked up the rights
  • Betty Boop discussion
    • An appeals judge ruled against the Fleischer family in their dispute over the ownership of the Betty Boop character
    • Home video rights to Betty Boop films owned by Lionsgate; rather complicated and sordid tale
  • Mighty Mouse
    • CBS Consumer Products are pushing Mighty Mouse for the 70th anniversary of Mighty Mouse in 2012 (!!).
    • All Mighty Mouse cartoons are now known to be in existence!!

DVD News From Warner Brothers / Warner Archive Collection:

  • Roadrunner set is NOT cancelled, just delayed
    • Why has it been delayed? Jerry guesses that there’ll be a big batch of animation coming out on DVD later on in the year, so it’d fit right in to that timeframe
  • LT on Blu-Ray later this year as well
  • Censored 11: No new news, except for the Censored 11 coming out on Blu-Ray ONLY, no DVD release at all…
  • Jerry did mention that he was working on forthcoming Warner Archive animation releases (possibly H-B, Popeye, LT, MGM, etc.) with George Feltenstein
  • Complete Bosko set incoming (possibly via Warner Archives), still in planning stages
  • Tom & Jerry Golden Collection IS coming! BRAND NEW restorations, mostly original titles, etc.  Unreal news, and I am real, REAL excited for this one.  I’m praying for a release at the end of the year for this one
  • Tom & Jerry Gene Deitch Collection – Possibly through Warner Archives.
  • No Ruff & Reddy for the Warner Archives yet, mainly due to music licensing rights (one of my sorest sticking points ever).

DVD News From Disney

  • Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, and zero.  Pretty normal at this point.

DVD News From Shout! Factory:

  • This was announced earlier today prior to the broadcast, but Shout! Factory and the creator of Jem and the Holograms FINALLY confirmed that Jem and the Holograms WILL be coming to DVD, all the details we know of currently are over at

DVD News From Everyone Else:

  • There is some movement on the topic of Columbia Cartoons on DVD, but it is not Shout! Factory.
  • No news on Woody Woodpecker on DVD


Final thoughts:

Whoa, crazy heady stuff this time on the Stu’s Show front.  Jerry being announced as working with the Warner Archives on future animation releases was huge, along with the  unofficial announcement (hopefully an official one follows shortly) of the Tom & Jerry Golden Collection, WITH restored prints, made for one heck of a nice time listening.  Even if we didn’t get much, we will be getting much more by the end of the year, which Jerry characterized as an animation “explosion” of releases.  So, overall it was a good show, fairly talky for the first hour and fairly newsy the second, but that’s how it goes on Stu’s Show appearances by Mr. Beck.



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