The Possibility of Apple TV Shows (Again)

Okay, things are FINALLY clearing up with schoolwork (and just in time too, as my 25th birthday is just 8 days away!!!), and so I have something I’d like to talk about with all of you., which is an iOS blog mainly (though they cover other Apple products other than iOS devices), asked the question: “Should Apple get into the production end of TV shows?”

My answer to this is a resounding yes.  Apple has this incredible new data center near where I live here in North Carolina, in a town called Maiden, where they need the jobs oh so very badly.  So I want really, really badly for Apple to really revamp iTunes and MobileMe to take advantage of this incredible opportunity for growth.

But what about TV shows?  Apple has a pretty large variety of TV shows already, but would people like Apple to do it?  Let’s face it folks, Apple has so many different departments within the structure of their company, each run as an independent entity.  It only makes sense that Apple gets to either hire TV people, or buy out a TV production company for the rights to not only every show that company has ever done, but also any catalog shows that company has picked up, and hopefully turn that company into something that Apple can and should be proud of.

Take Fremantle Media, as just a single example.  Fremantle Media has a somewhat powerful position, as the owners of the shows American Idol, The Price Is Right, Let’s Make A Deal, among many, many others in the Goodson-Todman library stacked to the gills with classic game shows such as Press Your Luck, Family Feud, Match Game, Trivia Trap, and many, many others along these same lines.

So what if, instead of just getting in on the production side of TV themselves, they can buy a production company like Fremantle Media and have instant access to a vast library of TV shows, all of which they can use in their promotional material incident-free.

Apple would be very, very smart to move to this model, especially since Fremantle Media has become quite famous for holding out on selling its vast catalog of TV shows on iTunes, but they are giving iTunes “special bonus content” from its biggest hit currently, American Idol.  Maybe soon it will all become irrelevant, much like my criticism of Food Network for not getting onto iTunes in the first place.


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