Hiatus Over (For Now)

Yes, I’m still here, and have found my time to be increasingly limited for things like this as of recently.  I’m actually currently on Spring Break from school for the rest of this week, so that might make getting back into the habit of posting a bit easier.

My main reason for coming out of hiding, however, is to comment on a couple of iPad-related items that have popped up recently.

First, there will be an iPad 2 press event on Wednesday, March 2nd (what would have been my maternal grandmother’s 86th birthday), and I may do a wrap-up post, or maybe not.  It all depends on whether I’ll be doing any traveling or not, or whether I’ll be stuck at home, possibly having to hear two lawyers going at it to try to convince me of some nutjob’s innocence or guilt.

Secondly, I’ve been looking for any reason at all to mention my very favourite Disney travel book publisher, PassPorter Travel Press, in a post. I don’t remember if I threw it into an off-topic post or not, but I digress.  The timing for my (temporary) return could not have been more perfect for this.  PassPorter is holding a contest right now that I think is way cool. DISCLAIMER: I only am mentioning it here because some of us don’t have iPads yet (your humble blogger included), and it is NOT in any way my trying to help my chances of getting that prize (I think it’ll only get less likely I’ll win if I mention it).  The prize in question is an Apple iPad loaded with all the PassPorter eBooks, as well as eBook versions of all of the PassPorter guidebooks, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Cruise Line!  More details can be found here.

NOTE: I think a Passporter message board membership is required, so if you haven’t had any knowledge of these wonderful guidebooks before, you can register for the Concierge Desk, but it is very much in beta, with the typical minor problems of any beta release of anything.

So, hope you guys have had fun in my absence (and not made TOO much of a mess!! ;)), and hopefully I’ll get to talk to you soon!


One Response to Hiatus Over (For Now)

  1. PassPorter says:

    Thank so much, BJ! And I am really looking forward to your take on the iPad press release, if you have time to post about it.

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