Big update today!

First, I have made major updates to how categories are working.  I no longer have a truckload of categories, as only Apple and Off-Topic remain (and Uncategorized is always there in WordPress-hosted blogs).

Secondly, I made a decision retroactively to start using tags on my posts.  This will allow my posts to be more easily findable on Google searches, although I do not have any intention on making a screencast to show you how it would work right now.

Thirdly, I have also removed any posts older than December 2010, as well as any “update” or “no post” posts.  This will allow for me to work on building posts without worrying about older posts and comments, as well as a more streamlined blog for you to read.

Fourth, I will give you guys a What I Use post tonight, as I feel that there have been major enough changes made to my workflow as a result of the Mac App Store being available over the last few weeks to warrant a new What I Use post.

Fifth, as of tomorrow, posts will start back up again on a regular basis, mainly because I actually freed up some time after going from 15 hours to 12 hours as a result of dropping a class that, while I liked the professor (Mac user, surprisingly), I found that the class was going to fall by the wayside and I had to withdraw from that class.


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