Steve Jobs’s Leave of Absence

Today’s Macintosh Mondays is going to be preempted because of some Apple-related happenings this morning.  Normally I don’t ride other people’s coattails, as I have a personal policy of never quoting another Apple blog if I can help it, because a) it’s lazy, and b) I’d rather do my OWN research, even if my posts are therefore shorter as a result.  This is going to happen again in the future if there’s a big enough Apple story that will preempt my blog entry for that day, so be prepared in the future.  Also, things should return to normal tomorrow.

It was reported through the wires this morning that Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, was going on yet another medical leave of absence.

This is only the second time in three years, not the two years I’ve heard in the reporting this morning.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be a ton of doom and gloom coming thru the wires for the next several weeks or months, speculating on how well Apple is going to do without Jobs.

I think this is a giant load of bullpuckey because Jobs has put into place some amazing people who share his own vision, so if he happens to be forced out due to his health problems, his vision for Apple will continue to flourish for the next two-plus years in his absence.

Thankfully, this time he is still going to be CEO, tho he won’t be in the office to make all the big decisions, et al.  This makes me think it’s another medical procedure, like his liver transplant 2 years ago in a Tennessee hospital, but my guess is that this time it’s a procedure that’s minimally invasive, which is why he is still going to be able to function as Apple’s CEO during his leave of absence.  I know from my own experiences with the (sometimes incompetent) medical profession that there are a number of procedures that are minimally invasive, after which I was able to function as normal or possibly even better than I did.

I hate to talk about myself in a post that is dedicated to such a brilliant entrepreneur as Steve Jobs, but I believe that my experiences in dealing with the medical profession that I bring to the table make my talking about Steve Jobs’s leave of absence from Apple unique to my blog.  One procedure I did have that improved my functioning in the short term, but made my health a bit more precarious in the long term was a surgery back in 1997 that opened up a progenitally malformed sinus that had given me a lot of really bizarre sinus headaches.  I was supposed to remain in the hospital for several days for post-procedure monitoring, but the sinus relief that the procedure had given me was so great, I only was kept in the hospital for a few hours, overnight at the most!

Of course, I don’t think it’s going to be nearly that simple for Steve Jobs’s procedure, whatever that is, but it might be one of those procedures that helps to make his existence on this planet that much better.


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