Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is finally (FINALLY, I say) here!  And I’M finally back from my week or so hiatus!  Hooray!!  How have I spent the last week or so, you ask?  Well, I hate to tease, but that will be the subject of my Weird Wednesday for this week!  It’s going to be a goodie, so tune in then.

Also, before I get into what I’ve already gotten in the MAS, I’d just like to say that I’m currently snowed in at my dorm room at school, as there was a major snowstorm that dumped 9+ inches of snow here in NC, and unfortunately, two days of classes (today AND tomorrow) were summarily cancelled as a result.  I know, I should be happy and celebratory that I’m not having to do any schoolwork right now, but I just want this semester to get started already!!!

Anyhow, here’s what I’ve picked up on the Mac App Store so far:

  • Twitter for Mac (Free).  This was one of the very first apps I got, and as such, it ensconced itself immediately in my Dock and supplanted Tweetie for Mac as my Twitter client of choice.
  • Evernote (Free).  This will help me in my endeavors in school this semester no end, so I picked it up and have started to get everything set up for this semester of school, which SHOULD ideally have started today.
  • Stuffit Expander (Free).  This replaced my previous install of Stuffit Expander, and I have it because I tend to like having things such as 7Zip, RAR, and SIT files strewn about my computer (the SIT files are actually for the Aleph One software to run the Marathon games from Bungie).
  • MindNode for Mac (Free as of this writing).  Mind-mapping software, also should help me with my schoolwork this time.
  • Caffeine (Free). Replacing my previous install of Caffeine, this menu bar tool is ESSENTIAL for me as I tend to use my computer A LOT and I also do not tend to use mice very much, especially when it comes to having to jiggle my computer out of sleep when I’m watching a movie or TV show, say.
  • Solitaire Greatest Hits (Free).  How can you NOT have a version (or five) of Solitaire on your Mac?  Mac OS X doesn’t have one installed automatically (Chess is the bundled “free game” of choice), but the Mac App Store fixes that in a hurry, especially for switchers.
  • Decked Builder Lite (Free).  Since I dabble a bit in Magic: The Gathering (a really expensive CCG, or collectible card game, hobby), I would like to have this because I don’t build decks very well on my own.
  • iPhoto 11 ($15).  The only paid app I have picked up thus far, I picked up iPhoto 11 in order to start upgrading all of my iLife apps individually.  And at $15 a pop, it makes buying boxed copies seem ancient.

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