What I Use 1.0

As I am trying to catch up on blog posts I missed because of strange travel coincidences, such as plane delays, and many more bizarre circumstances, I’m going to be posting a bazillion posts here, and while I don’t like doing it that way, it has to happen that way.

All right, I’ll be doing this What I Use series to tell you what I personally use my Mac to do.  This is entirely based on what is in my Mac’s Dock at the current moment, and is subject to change, and I’ll try to do this as often as I can (or whenever I have run dry of Mac topics to cover).

This first What I Use will be an introduction to the format and will also serve as my template for future What I Use posts.


  • Finder: This is always in the Dock, I don’t think that this can essentially be removed, except on pain of death.
  • QuickTime Player X: Since I use Snow Leopard, I tend to always come back to this.  This is usually in my Dock most times.
  • Mail: This app is another one that tends to be in my Dock as well. Usually, I’m in this just to check my email when I’m not at my iPhone at the current moment.
  • Safari: Absolute must-have for me, and I use it all the time.
  • iTunes: Ditto.


  • NetNewsWire: Another app I use all of the time, it’s basically my way to keep up-to-date with all the things I would like to keep up with.
  • Miro: Another app I use all of the time, and I usually use it to keep up with YouTube users I like to follow.
  • Tweetie for Mac: Yeah, this Twitter client isn’t the newest and the best, but it’s the one I’m most comfortable with.
  • EyeTV: I made a post a week or two ago about EyeTV, but this one is my favourite app in the bunch.
  • 1Password: After the Gawker Media breach, this became my lifeline, and now permanently sits in my Dock.
  • Pages: The Mac App Store might bring us a new Pages, but I absolutely love it and it’s another permanent Dock-sitter, so there is that.  Plus I use it for all my schoolwork that requires me to write a paper, so I’m happy with that.
  • MacScan: A decent app and another permanent Dock-sitter.

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