E-Reader Roundup

As I am trying to catch up on blog posts I missed because of strange travel coincidences, such as plane delays, and many more bizarre circumstances, I’m going to be posting a bazillion posts here, and while I don’t like doing it that way, it has to happen that way.

Yet another roundup, but that will make things significantly easier on me as I go through getting more free apps corralled for this purpose.

Today, it’s e-readers.  Whether they be e-books, or digital comics, e-readers are the future, like it or not.  I like it because I don’t have to go and scrounge around for more space to store more books and more comics.  So, here’s a great bunch of e-reading apps:

iBooks (Apple).  My personal e-reading application of choice.  Why?  It certainly isn’t the selection of books to choose from, since iBooks has a rather paltry selection compared to Kindle or Nook.  It certainly isn’t the way you browse for books, because while I like that they put the store right inside, I’d like to look at the iBookStore on my computer and figure out what I would need to pick up book-wise, but I cannot do that yet.  I do like, however, that they didn’t skimp on the interface like Kindle.  Kindle’s interface is very bland and utilitarian, but it serves its purpose for many folks, me not being one of them.

Kindle (Amazon). While I don’t particularly like the interface (and the iPad’s interface looks even WORSE from what I’ve seen), Kindle is the most widely used e-reading application, and now that Amazon has FINALLY allowed the lending of titles as well as the viewing of other types of e-media (with some notable exceptions of course) on the Kindle apps, they might be the preeminent e-bookstore on iOS.

Nook (Barnes & Noble). The decided 3rd-place e-reading application, the interface here is somewhere in between iBooks and Kindle, with a nudge towards Kindle’s interface.  Selection is slightly better, but then again, for me it’s not all about selection.

And now, some e-comics applications:

Dilbert Mobile (United Feature Syndicate, Inc.). This app is exactly what it sounds like: An app that allows you to get your daily fix of Dilbert, albeit not as you’d expect to read a comic strip (more on that in a second).

Garfield Daily (Paws, Incorporated). This app allows you to get your daily fix of Garfield, and this is much more of a traditional comic strip reading experience (meaning you get to see the entire strip at once) than you got with the Dilbert app above.

PvP by Scott Kurtz (iVerse Media). PvP (short for Player Vs. Player) is a webcomic that chronicles the day-to-day existence of a fictional videogame magazine, and it’s pretty glorious if I do say so myself.  I don’t have it on my iPhone at this particular moment in time, but it’s a pretty good strip, plus you get the experience of reading everything PvP in the app, so that’s good.

Disney Digicomics (Disney Publishing Worldwide). This is a Disney Comics application, although there are very few stories in the app right now.  If you’re looking for Carl Barks, Don Rosa, Al Taliaferro, Floyd Gottfredson, or William Van Horn, you might want to try looking elsewhere, but for anyone else who is slightly curious about the world of the Disney comic books, this is for you.  There is an Epic Mickey Digicomics app too that I believe is also free, though I will not give the app a separate mention here.

iVerse vs. ComiXology: These two are the 100-pound elephants in the iPhone digital comics room.  While there are exclusives (ComiXology has a DC exclusive right now, as well as a exclusive on BOOM Studios, whereas iVerse has IDW and Archie Comics sewn up tight), these two are essential comics apps for any comic book fans, no matter what.


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