Camera+ 2.0

As I am trying to catch up on blog posts I missed because of strange travel coincidences, such as plane delays, and many more bizarre circumstances, I’m going to be posting a bazillion posts here, and while I don’t like doing it that way, it has to happen that way.

The iTunes App Store for iOS is something of a strange beast.  Camera+ is my very favourite photo app on the App Store, and I wasn’t terribly happy when they were banished from the App Store several months back for not following the rules.  But now, they’re back with Camera+ 2.0, and I couldn’t be happier.  When they did the 2.0 release, they fixed the lone issue I had with the app, which was whenever you exported it to your Camera Roll, you lost the geotagging and other EXIF metadata that would have ordinarily been on your photos no matter what.

So, to celebrate the release of Camera+ 2.0 just yesterday, here are 2 pictures taken with Camera+.  The first one is my picture with Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park back in October, taken with the previous version of Camera+, and the second one is a picture I took of the snow at Cleveland Hopkins Airport yesterday with the new Camera+:


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