Airport Security’s Gaping Weakness To Homeland Security

As I am trying to catch up on blog posts I missed because of strange travel coincidences, such as plane delays, and many more bizarre circumstances, I’m going to be posting a bazillion posts here, and while I don’t like doing it that way, it has to happen that way.

Airport security has only gotten worse since that awful day nearly 10 years ago.  Before 9/11, the pilots were more accessible, the flights were less difficult, and the airport security was fairly lax.  While the airport security has been significantly beefed up since September 11, 2001, the country really hasn’t gotten any safer.  All the rigamarole that flyers have to go through just to get thru security these days, from taking off our shoes to taking our laptops out of their bags to scan them separately, is only voodoo, and doesn’t make our country any safer in the process.

In order to explain how unsafe our country really is from outside threats, I’m going to use an example that Leo Laporte uses on his syndicated radio show, The Tech Guy, a lot.  Leo says that keeping yourself safe on the Internet is all down to the user’s behavior (i.e. not clicking links in emails), and you aren’t any safer if you use the same behavior over and over again, but you have an antivirus or other security program installed on your computer.

To carry thru this example in terms of airport security, the security programs that are installed on the airport security computer are the rituals that flyers are forced to go through, and these rituals differ from airport to airport, according to the nice lady I spoke with at the Asheville airport.  The behavior (i.e. the clicking links in the emails) of the TSA is the creation of new rituals after an attack or a foiled attack, such as the liquids rule that so many people unknowingly violate when they bring no travel-sized shampoos or tubes of toothpaste when they go to the airport.

This activity cannot go on for much longer without more people like me speaking out about how unsafe we really are from outside threats.  To the TSA and to everyone else: Please fix this issue, and by fixing this issue, you make America much safer than it ever was pre- or post- 9/11.


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