The Mac App Store Cometh

While I am on the road, I will probably just write in short bursts like this, especially since I will be in a place with little to no service till Wednesday when the possibility will be there for my writing in the airport on my way to my Christmas celebrations. Please forgive my brevity in today’s and tomorrow’s posts.

I’ve been saying it for several years now: Apple should have a Mac App Store. And luckily, come January 6th, we will. Soon, no one with a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad will escape the allure of convenient 1-stop app shopping.

Yes, there will be some overlap as there are a few similar stores now, such as Valve’s Steam for Mac, but for any kind of app, whether they be productivity apps, or fun apps, or even the ultra-addictive Angry Birds, the Mac App store may not be the only place to buy Mac apps, but they will be the most convenient by far.


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