Web Browser Roundup

Note: Today’s Free App Fridays is pre-written and posted automatically at midnight to account for my having my last final exam today, as well as it being my first day being on the road for the holidays.

Today’s Free App Fridays will not be the rule, but rather the exception.  This is one of the very few problems with the free app world, where there are so many web browsers that featuring just one Web browser would be just plain silly, unless it’s a new web browser or an updated web browser.  Many of these web browsers are not only free, but also cross-platform, so those of you who are Windows users can also take advantage of these as well.

Safari (Mac/Windows, http://www.apple.com/safari):  This comes with all new Macs, as well as for free on any Windows users that want Safari on their machines.  This browser works using something called WebKit, an open source web browsing development platform which allows for speedier web browsing on many machines, as well as many different Web objects that render that much easier for many Mac and PC applications with built-in web browsers, such as Steam.

Firefox (Mac/Windows/Linux, http://www.firefox.com/): This is the one browser any Windows user should have, even if you have to use Microsoft Firefox Downloader (also known as Microsoft Internet Explorer) to get it.  It is free as well as open source, so that ought to make folks who might want to support the open source community very happy.  The browsing technology powering the browser is not nearly as fast as that which powers Safari, but I tend to use it myself for accessing my school’s Web-based email, which is Windows Live Mail-based for some bizarre reason, and it works just fine for that, so your mileage may vary.  Firefox also has extension support, which can slow the browser down significantly if you are a heavy extension user.

Opera Web Browser (Mac/Windows/Linux, http://www.opera.com/): This browser not only works with all three major computing platforms, it also works with many, many mobile phones and other embedded systems (usually for a small fee, though sometimes free to the user).  This makes their web browsing technology a bit snappier than Firefox’s and Internet Explorer’s as well, and makes mobile web browsing pretty simple to the average mobile phone user also.

Google Chrome (Mac/Windows/Linux, http://www.google.com/chrome/): This browser is pretty nice if you don’t have a huge problem with Google, as many in the Apple fan community seem to.  It also has extension support, again you need to worry about how many extensions you run under Chrome, otherwise your browser will slow down significantly, and you will wonder why your browser is so slow.


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