A Major Plug-A-Thon

Note: Due to exams today, this post was pre-written and automatically posted at midnight on the day that this goes live.

For my first Weird Wednesdays, which will be my main off-topic day every week, I will plug some people who are my friends (many of them I’ve never even met in real life) and who are very deserving of some plugs.  I will do this occasionally on Weird Wednesdays or my rare Wonderful Weekends posts, and this will certainly help them out, and allow you to learn about other folks in different fields and maybe even throw them some web page hits or money or what have you from the readers of this blog.

My first plug is my Australian friend David Turnbull, who has done something pretty spectacular with his blog on the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS at nintendo3dsblog.com, and he even has a YouTube page that he uses to film himself talking about the latest 3DS news, and it is really something that I find so terrific that I’ll plug it as much as I possibly can until I’m blue in the face.  I am very excited about the Nintendo 3DS as well (in fact, I can and do like both Nintendo and Apple, and I have liked Nintendo far longer than I have liked Apple), so anyone like myself who is super excited about the 3DS will be very high on my “to plug” list.

My next plug is my friend Megan Lynch, who is really one of the more interesting indie artists out there.  She actually put out an album of songs from Looney Tunes cartoons called “Songs The Brothers Warner Taught Me”, and she has a holiday special going until January 6th, 2011, where she is offering a special homemade EP that has 4 more tracks, with 2 of them being the same song, The Horses Run Around/Food Around The Corner (the latter from “An Itch in Time”), but one is a shorter cut than the other.  So, if you buy the album between now and January 6th, 2011, you can get all of these songs in a format that is very different than you might ordinarily be accustomed to.

And the final plug I have for today is the wonderful folks at Faster Than Monkeys and their iScore line of scorekeeping apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  I’ve been using their products for about a year now, and I really have to say, they have the best applications around, and quite easily the best and fastest tech support that I have ever experienced in my time working with PC, Mac, and iOS applications.


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